A Comparison Of Leadership Practices Inventories Spanning Two Years

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A Comparison of Leadership Practices Inventories Spanning Two Years
I am proud to say that I have been an educator for the past eight years. Throughout my experiences in the teaching profession, I have always had a strong desire to continue to learn and to grow professionally. Through personal research and professional development opportunities, it was clear to me that I had a desire to pursue educational leadership. It was this desire that lead to me enrolling in the Educational Leadership Masters program through City University of Seattle (CityU).
A requirement of the Educational Leadership program was to create an inventory of my attributes as a leader and also obtain survey information from colleagues regarding their perspectives of my leadership behaviours. The survey was called the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and the purpose of this exercise was to take the information collected from all parties, compare it, and then reflect upon differences and similarities within the data. From the information collected I was able to have a clear outline of the areas of leadership strengths and weaknesses from which a course of action could be outlined to improve on my effectiveness as a leader. At the end of the program, this process was to be repeated, the sets of data were to be compared, and any changes to the perspectives of my colleagues or myself regarding my leadership abilities would be documented.
Changes To My Teaching Assignment During the initial…

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