An Active Part Of Effective Teaching Essay

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Since being admitted in the teacher education department, my goal has been to prepare to become a teacher. In this paper I will show how I have thought critically, transformed my practice and promoted justice as a teacher in preparation.
Thinking critically is an active part of effective teaching. By seeking multiple perspectives, I can create the link between students’ background knowledge and what is being taught. Then I use B.L.A.B. to track information on student’s progress and to guide differentiation within lessons. Following the lesson, I give time for reflection of teaching and student progress to find areas to improve before moving on. In R.A.M.P. I have been able to look at B.L.A.B. and plan activities that best meet my students’ multiple intelligences and needed academic and language supports. An example of this is a lesson where we learned that the numerator is the part and the denominators the whole in a fraction. I planned for the students to played musical fractions, which was played like normal musical fractions. The student would move to the music around the fraction square and as the music ends they either make it on a sport or not. However, then they would say the whole, the part of student on spots, the part of students off spots, and finally the two fractions. Before this lesson the students struggled with part and whole, but by the end the students were engaged and excited to give their correct answers.
Another way in R.A.M.P. I used critical…

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