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Benihana: A New Look at an Old Classic
Ricardo Ernst and Glen M. Schmidt
Georgetown University Abstract. This short case heavily references the “old classic” HBS case on Benihana, and is intended to be used in conjunction with a simulation that helps students gain insight into how Benihana achieved its profitability. The simulation helps bring out many key operational issues, such as how variability in demand and in processing can negatively impact profitability. The case analysis goes on to show how Benihana reduces variability, and illustrates concepts such as the product-process spectrum, the impact of a bottleneck, and the advantage of
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Benihana: A New Look at an Old Classic

This simulation-based case can be used as the lead-in case in a core class in Operations Management, to offer early exposure to many Operations principles and whet the students’ appetites. The case is rich enough and the material captivating enough to extend the discussion to two class sessions. It has been used successfully at many levels, including undergraduate, MBA, and executive education. Students can readily identify with the case, because most have been in a teppanyaki-style restaurant. In our experience, the simulation makes a significant

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