Best Practices For Teaching And Learning Essay

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Best Practices for Teaching and Learning As previously discussed, the use of the Danielson framework and adequate modeling are some instructional strategies that help students learn. However, there are many other brain-based learning strategies that I applied or wish to apply within my teaching context improving my students’ retention of the science information; including, frequent assessments, the use percolation in a blocked schedule, and the interleaving of content. Assessment is a necessary and essential part of the learning processes for both the learner and the teacher. Through assessment, teachers gain imperative data to evaluate instruction and plan for future lessons. Similarly the learner can gain understanding of their own learning through the testing process. Carey (2014) explains how testing is an essential strategy for increasing the likelihood of retaining information. He states, “Guessing wrongly increases a person’s likelihood of nailing that question, or a related one, on a later test” (p.95). Thus, I provide frequent opportunities for the students to retrieve information through questioning during instruction, using daily exit tickets, mid unit exams, and a final exam. The more opportunities that students have to retrieve data and make connections to previous learning the more likely the students will be able to preserve information in their long-term memories. The definitions and content in my science curriculum is vast, and it is important for…

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