Essay on Buddhism : Teachings, History And Practices

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Harvey, P. (n.d.). An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices (1st ed., Vol. 2). Cambridge University Press.
When starting on understanding Buddhism and its complexity, first get a basic knowledge of what it is about. Basic knowledge is key when trying to go in depth into such a complex subject such as another religion. Harvey’s “An Introduction to Buddhism” is an excellent first choice of book to begin learning what exactly Buddhism is. It’s an easy to follow book with well written and understandable phrasing of the complex ideas behind the religion. It takes topics and ideas that are often made very simple for western culture to understand and explains them into their full meaning for a better understanding. It also does an excellent job of explaining the history of Buddhism throughout Asia and into western culture. It cites time periods, people and events that helped shape the religion into what it is today in an interesting way. It is easy to follow and an all-around interesting read. The author and the publisher are well credited for not only the topic but the education of it. It has good re-read ability due to all of the information you can get from it that is in there. This is a great first book to read when truly wanting to know Buddhism.
Mestre, R. J. (n.d.). The Buddhism Primer: An Introduction to Buddhism. Whoisrobertmestre.
A book to avoid would be Robert Mestre’s book “The Buddhism Primer”. It is made out to be a book about everything you…

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