Child Rearing Practices Essay

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Parenting Practices that Help Promote the Development of Positive Social Behavior Among
Preschool Children within the Family.
MA Psychology (May 2010)
Department of Psychology

This research used data from fifteen 2-parent families residing in a community located in
Dalandanan, Valenzuela City, with at least two children and one of whom is between the ages 3 to 6 years. Seven of these families are dual-earner and the remaining eight are single-earner with only husbands as breadwinners. The research locale is an urbanizing area that is transitioning from agricultural to industrial source of livelihood. The particular focus of this research include
(1) to identify the behaviors which parents define
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Three direct methods were reportedly used by the parents in teaching the children prosocial behavior and these are physical, verbal and cognitive approaches. Both single- and dual-earner families use this method especially when they feel that transgressions are grave. Mothers in dualearner families observe the use of physical and cognitive methods more often than do mothers in the single-earner group. Mothers in both groups observe the use of cognitive method more than fathers do. Fathers in single-earner groups observe the use of cognitive method than their dualearner counterparts.
The findings further suggests that the microsystem of the home, specifically the parents’ own influences to their children, is believed to be the environment which best promotes the development of positive social behavior among young children. There were also identified elements in the microsystem of the neighborhood which both facilitate and inhibit the development of proper social conduct.

The influences which parents identified as contributory to their ideas and practices about teaching positive social behavior to young children include individual experiences, familial experiences, and social groups

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