Christianity : The Religion Based On The Beliefs And Practices

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Throughout history people have turned to sacred beliefs for sense of well-being, gathering with others whom share their interests, or simply for a guided way of life to live by. Some of the world cultures have rituals, sacred grounds, even objects of common use to represent the practices in which they hold so dearly, for the majority of cultures, religion, typically with a worshiped deity, if not more than one, and a literary central religious text to live by, is how the rest of the religious world practices their beliefs. The largest of those religions is Christianity, making up 33.0% of the World Population, followed primarily in North and South America as well as Europe (Schaefer, 2015, p. 308). Christianity is defined as “the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.”
As the website Religionfacts points out, Christianity has three main branches associated with its teachings, but share core beliefs such as the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior. The three main branches are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. Catholicism is headed by the pope and represents the practices of devotion to the Saints and Mary, plus the use of the rosary and follows traditional Christian belief developed in Western Europe. Eastern Orthodoxy include Greek and Russian Orthodox churches to name a few and relate to the earlier organized teachings developed in Eastern Europe, however unlike Catholicism, it refuses to accept…

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