Classroom Management And Teaching Practice Essay

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the practicum is so designed that collaboration and feedback possibilities are scheduled on a daily basis where the Associate Teacher and the student teacher discuss lesson planning, classroom management and teaching practice. I have been placed Ryde Secondary College that partially selective high school that mean mathematics classes is operating in two different categories such as selective classes and normal classes that is consists of local students who lives in their catchment areas and commenced on 20.July 2015. I have withdrawn on 10th Aug that decisions made by PEU. During my prac, I have taught Yr 7(ME) , Yr7(MC)-one lesson only , Yr 9 (MC) class and Yr10(MC) one lesson .I believe I did not have support or poor support from AT that expected learning outcomes. I can divide it under three strands that “ Know your students”, “How to teach” and “Classroom management”
Know your students
"We may exhibit an admirable command of content, and possess a dazzling variety of pedagogical skills, but without knowing what 's going on in our student’s heads, that knowledge may be presented and that skill exercised in a vacuum of misunderstanding.– Stephen D. Brookfield, The Skillful Teacher (2006)”
My first day was 20th July and I did not have information on her classes. She just gave me a copy of her roll classes that I will start. I just observed few classes such as Yr7 ME, Yr7 MC, Yr9MC and YR10MC. She just gave me three copies of roll class. She did not explain to me that…

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