Essay about Co Teaching Is Done When There Are More Then One Teacher

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Co teaching is done when there are more then one teacher in a classroom teaching. This is generally done with a general and special education teacher. If I were hired to co-teach a class, both me and the teacher would need to have constant communication. We would need to have regular discussions about the students in the class and what we can do to help them learn. Both teachers need to make sure not to contradict each other or undermine each other. When discussing the students with the other teacher I would make sure to be professional and make sure that the other teacher knows that I am there to help the students. I would make sure that I am open to his or her opinion though. I would want to be familiar with the other teachers behavior and classroom policies. I would introduce myself to the other teacher in the room by telling him or her my name, position, experience, and goals for the year. I would tell him or her my position and experience so that she or he knows that I have the knowledge and experience needed to teach. I would also want the other teacher to knows my weaknesses so that they can help me overcome them and be a better teacher.
Describe the procedures a teacher should follow before making a referral for special education. Does RTI apply? Why or why not? (10 points)

Before a teacher should refer a student for special education prereferral interventions are put into place. These interventions are made by the multidisciplinary team to prevent students from…

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