Collaborative Learning Is A Solution For Binge Drinking Essay

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Collaborative Learning is a Solution for Binge Drinking
By Jumana Edor

Kenneth Bruffee argues that collaborative learning is a worldwide solution to social difficulties at colleges and that it is a solution to binge drinking. He believes that freshman college students often join sororities and fraternities to “make friends” and to “fit in” also that they would be willing to do anything. I strongly agree with Bruffee, if colleges created peer tutoring, team projects, or just had students sit together and work in groups it would decrease binge drinking and the number of students who join Greek sororities and fraternities because they would be making friends through better situations. Colleges should create group work because it will decrease the number of students joining those types of institutions because I myself went through something similar to that. A couple of years ago, I was new and lacking in friends. I just wanted to fit in, and I would do whatever it takes just to get a “friend”. I would walk in the hallways and eat alone with no friends to talk to, until one day my teacher had us work in groups on a math worksheet. At first I was shy, I didn’t really want to talk, but when my group was discussing and working together I learned to get out of my comfort zone and stepped out of my awkward, shy bubble. It also taught me how to interact with others. By working in groups, students will learn new things about one another which will help change the world around us by…

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