Comparison Between Surface Teaching And Deep Thinking Essay example

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Effective Teachers VS. Expert Teachers:
Comparison and Contrast between Surface Teaching and Deep Thinking “According to Webster’s Dictionary, a profession is defined as ‘a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation,” (Lynch 2015). Teaching, cognate copious other occupations, illustrates this definition, but moreover, teachers possess an obligation to acquire and retain extensive intelligence in their particular subject matter in the same practices as alternative professions, and in addition give their students the opportunity to realize and advance their own multiple intelligence. In this pursuit, a teacher can be classified in various divergent tiers including but not finite to “effective” and “expert”. Both characterizations have many analogous aspects, but still inhabit multitudinous distinctions as discussed in both Mr. Hattie’s Teachers Make a Difference. What is the research evidence and Mr. Morrison’s What it Means to Be a Teacher. Juxtaposition, an effective teacher and an expert teacher both must essentially inhabit character traits of efficacy, (Morrison 1997; Hattie 2003). “A teacher’s belief that he or she can reach and help even difficult students to learn is called teacher efficacy,” (Morrison 1997). In order to accomplish any task, confidence must be present. In order to complete a task, one must believe that he or she can excel. A teacher, effective and expert, must exhume confidence about possessing the…

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