Development of Children’s Language Awareness in English Teaching Materials

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Development of children’s language awareness in English teaching materials

The paper will focus on the concept of language awareness in the context of young learners. The whole language approach, inductive approach and implicit grammar teaching are advocated in early language education as children by the age of 10 are not able to understand abstract rules and principles. However, for languages to develop naturally grammatical categories have to be present in the instructions. Namely, YL encounter chunks, phrases and sentences, which are learnt in chants, rhymes, songs and stories, to express functions. Then, early foreign language education, including grammar teaching, can be viewed as consciousness raising process or
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Aspects of the teaching/learning structures according (cf. Ur, 1988:6).

English teachers are supposed to concentrate on the receptive skills in a primary classroom as the official document – Polish core curriculum focuses, first of all, on the comprehension of foreign languages in early language education. The aims of learning foreign languages include psychological, linguistic and cultural preparation. The detailed objectives generally accepted in teaching materials for YL are classified in four following points (cf. Brewster, Ellis, Girard, 1992:5, 54):
a) learn to communicate in English
b) develop a positive attitude to English language learning
c) develop a positive attitude to culture
d) raise awareness of mother tongue and English. The development of the whole child and her/his meta-cognitive awareness involve: language awareness, cognitive awareness, social and cultural awareness. As far as language awareness is concerned the idea is to stimulate children’s interest and curiosity about language (cf. Hawkins, 1984:4) in order to develop understanding of the mother tongue and other languages. The process requires the implementation of meta-language (in L1 or L2) to discover rules about a language, describe it, and compare rules between L1 and L2. Still, formal teaching of grammar is not a major

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