High School Is A World Full Of Hate, Fear, Anxiety, And Embarrassment

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High school is a world full of hate, fear, anxiety, stress, emotion, and embarrassment. It has never made much senses to me why the movies make high school seem like a place of perfect-pitched, random outbursts of happy songs. Mean words are spoken and tears are shed. Coaches will yell at you to the point of giving up and crawling under a rock. Girls are especially brutal in high school. There is a constant and complex social network in every girl’s mind 24/7 whether young or old, teacher or student. Boy drama, girl drama, gay drama, sexual jealousy, and drunken abuse is lurking behind the scenes in life, immensely much in high school. Each person comes out affected, with a little more gravel in the gut and spit in the eye. The only reason I’ve made it out with my sanity is because of friendship. I have learned that a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out (Winchell).
I’ve been in many friendship positions since freshman year. I’ve been the best friend to many and then suddenly none at all. I’ve been the girl who surrounds herself with guys to avoid the contention and he-said she-said gossip that comes with girls and I have also been the girlfriend. Along with the years came the knowledge that friendship is essential to this high school world. I thrive of friendship not only through social media, but through simply walking the halls and finding a “circle” to belong to. I need friends to feel like I fit in, and to feel needed and appreciated.…

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