Home Mall : A Wave Of Anxiety And Distress Essay

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Whenever I enter a shopping mall or an airport I am hit with a wave of anxiety and distress. Although I was very young when the event itself happened, each day I still deal with the repercussions of my parents splitting up. Without any memories of my parents while they were still together, having a broken family has been a normality to me. However, I do remember nearly every single one of the parent swaps, which usually took place in a shopping mall halfway between where my mom and dad lived. The in-between city for many years was Bakersfield, California, so the Valley Plaza Mall was usually the place where the trade-off would take place. I always went through the same set of doors at the front of the mall leading into the food court, and I can still remember the overwhelming smell of Panda Express swarming my nose when I would first walk in. On the day of the swap, I would wake up feeling anxious and I would refuse to eat anything because I felt nauseous, so to try and calm me down once we got there and help take my mind off of the anxiety, my parents would sometimes take me to Build A Bear Workshop and let me pick out an animal and together we’d go through the whole routine of stuffing the animal, picking out the plush heart to put inside while making a wish, brushing all of the stray fuzz off of the animal, and then naming it, which was always originated from a type of flower or dessert. When all of the fun was over and it was time for me to go with the other parent, I…

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