How Technology Has Changed My Life Essay

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Technology it every were its your smartphone you pc your mac technology is all around you and you don’t even think about it. It make life so much essayer you can go see a friend you can call a friend text your girl friend so why then am I lonely? I send a text and get a one back but is that really talking? I Facebook a friend but is that real face to face talking to my friends ?
No its not you see now a days we are all about what down on that screen we foget to look up we forget what real and what fake . Why have a friend over win you can just facebook hem I ask myself once the answer is not as essay as it seem .
There is much lost in in a text or a call you or I just can not get that would be there if you and I talk face to face for one in a text I can not till if your joking unless you say hay I 'm joking and even then I have to ask is he/she really joking or just trying to cover up what thy sey or take it back . The biggest problem I have with texting g and talk on a cell phone is I can not see your body language so I can not till a lot of stuff if your happy sad mad upset or anything like that all I now is that you say something . How can anyone till what the other is thinking if they can not even talk face to face ? The answer is they can not a man once say to me (smartphones dumb people) and his name was Gary Turk from London in the u.k. For me this hit had at home everyday at school I see kids just google the answer to everything from daily work to test I…

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