Interior Design, Baking, And Teaching Essay

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Interior design, baking, and teaching are my top three career choices. I chose Interior Design because I always loved watching the HGTV shows where they would remodel an old space into a new one. I always thought it would we nice to do it myself. Baking would be my second choice because I love to bake. There are so many recipes that you can try and having your own shop of baked goods would be rewarding. I 've always loved kids so teaching in a Kindergarten or Elementary school would be a dream. It would be great to see their progress from the beginning to the end of the year and to say that I helped them get there.
In Interior Design, designers have to do a lot of things for their client. It 's more than just picking out colors and furniture for a room. First, you would need to search and bid on new projects or find a client. The client can be really picky about what they want, especially when they have a budget. Usually, when you first meet client they will tell you what they are looking for. In your head you have to visualize what their expectations are. If they like the rough sketch, you might get the job. You will need to utilize the space that you are working with and consider how people will move around the space. You will need to show the client all the furniture, lighting, wall finishes, flooring, plumbing and electrical finishes that you will be using. When you have the rough sketches and ideas for the room(s), you have to do the final plans. The final plans are…

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