Learnng and Teaching Styles Essay

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Running head: Week 2 – Application Checkpoint 1: Learning and Teaching Styles

Learning and Teaching Styles
Application of Accommodating Learning and Teaching Styles
Sha’Rell Martin
Concordia University

I find that addressing the various learning styles in my classroom is a full time job in itself. But I realize it’s important to keep in mind that my young charges don’t all learn in the same manner. They need a wealth of experiences to help make connections and cement learning. Creating multi-sensory lessons and an environment that helps my students focus on the material at hand are helpful ways to meet this goal.

Thinking back to my own kindergarten experience, what I remember most are the themed units of study that allowed me
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We’ll go hunt for caterpillars in the garden, sip cups of nectar (sugar water) on paper flowers through straws, and emerge from a chrysalis (body sock).

It’s also important to remember what an impact a classroom has on our students. I like to check my room for unused furniture and put it in storage. I gave up my desk a number of years ago, reasoning I had better use for the space. This is a home away from home, folks, I want it to be inviting for my students, as well as my student parents.

When setting up my classroom, I tone down the visual stimuli, to make the room calm and inviting. I want my students to be able to mentally and visually focus on materials that are educationally relevant. When designing my room I include natural materials like wooden furniture, baskets for books and green plants. Other things I have tried are: * Paint the room a soothing, neutral color. * Put a tablecloth on the table, where the students check in for the morning for updates. * Cover the bulletin boards with a neutral fabric or paper. * Cover open shelving and windows with curtains. * Do an inventory of all my walls.
Providing an environment that’s conducive to learning and planning lesson that use a

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