Life And Teachings Of Jesus Christ Essay

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As one of the most influential and important figures of one of the world’s first true universal religion, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ brought about large-scale shifts that continue to impact modern day humans. Despite coming from a very humble social background, Jesus was able to cultivate and instill his message of love and compassion into the hearts of people thousands of miles apart. In a time when transportation was limited to horses and, if lucky, some of the first “highways” of the Roman Empire, Christ’s mission to spread the word of God was actually quite successful, reaching across the known world. Whether or not one believes in Jesus’ divinity, there is no denying that Jesus Christ played a central role in creating the foundation of Christianity, one of the first universal religions, and will go down as one of the most significant teachers that the world has ever seen. Born in Bethlehem to a carpenter named Joseph and his wife Mary, Jesus is said to have grown up in Nazareth, a small farming village in Galilee. His upbringing in such a rural community is often thought to have been a very humble one, which can be seen as an underlying theme once he began his ministry. Growing up, Jesus was a devout and practicing Jew who lived under the control of the Roman Empire. Despite living in such a rural community, Jesus often journeyed to larger cities and fully experienced these cosmopolitan centers that the Roman and Hellenistic culture had created. All of…

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