Essay about Making Conversation And The Primacy Of Practice

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Kwame Appiah, author of Cosmopolitanism, wrote in his chapter, “Making Conversation” and “The Primacy of Practice”, about his idea of what cosmopolitanism means and how it has or can help our society. The definition inferred from the reading is that people need to have conversation to be exposed to the different points of view that others may have. People do not necessarily have to agree with them about anything they just have to respect it and know that it is another point of view. Appiah does not try to create controversy within the examples he gives but rather tries to just explain what has happened in a general sense and does not chose a side to agree or disagree with. It is important that he stays neutral because it would cause people to agree or disagree with his points but he just wants them to think about it, not to cause more conflict or be biased. Conversation though can be defined in many different ways but it depends on the situation. Conversation can be used in a global matter, local matter, or just between two individuals.
Conversation on a global scale means that it is something happening worldwide. Everyone knows about it for the most part. The way conversation can arise is through social media. A perfect example of this is with same-sex marriage rights. Everyone on social media sites such as Facebook had been writing posts about legalizing same-sex marriage to the point where it became a “trend” where everyone talked about it. Some people had changed their…

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