My Best Teaching And Learning Experience Essay

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Understanding ourselves as teachers help us to better determine how we relate to students, policies, procedures and practices that we use in the classroom or online and this is not an easy task. Stories open up communication with the students and can identify you as a teacher. Stories can be viewed from different viewpoints and perspectives, depending on your belief and value system. Telling stories invite others to see you as a teacher and can reveal to us as teachers, how much we know and don 't know. Keywords: understanding, teachers, communication, classroom, online teaching, stories, storytelling, belief system, engaged, caliber, empathy, maneuver, plethora, intimidated, primary, integrity, mediocre My best teaching and learning experience occurred about 22 years ago while I was on a tour at the University of Southern Mississippi campus. We were from the 3291st School Unit, Memphis, Tennessee, and stationed on the campus of Southern Mississippi to train and teach soldiers their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) for 3 weeks. I did not have a great deal of teaching experience and worked as an Administrative Specialist for Colonel Rawlins, Commander of the Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Weaver, Assistant Commander, and Sergeant First Class Wilson, Field Instructor, each are highly skilled War Veterans. Sergeant First Class Wilson taught Advance Non-Commission Officer 's (ANOC) training, Basic Non-Commission Officer 's (BNOC) training, and Military Occupational…

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