My Experience At Accounting From A Teaching Perspective Essay

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This internship experience was both valuable and helpful to me as a student and gave me the opportunity to look at accounting from a teaching perspective. I also got to refresh my accounting skills from a principle. Cooperating in events held by the Accounting Business Society, specifically the Resume Review Night which not only was a tool to help me improve on my resume but also provided great networking. These events are just a sample size of all that I have learned from this internship experience.
First, I will describe a basic overview of the tasks that my internship required. I was required to present two accounting labs a week for the principle of accounting students. Another task was to complete any grading of assignments as required by the professor. I was required to participate and provide support to any events presented by the Accounting Business Society as needed. A requirement to assist the professor as needed is also a state credential of this internship.
The cooperating faculty was Professor Christina Wilson who really helped me become successful through this internship. Through the professors excellent organizational skills I was always able to adequately prepare for all accounting tasks especially in the case of preparing for accounting labs. This allowed for the working environment to be both comfortable as well as a suitable area to get tasks accomplished.
As I progressed through the internship, I found that there were ample unanticipated educational…

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