My Experience At Touro College And My A Six Years Experience Essay

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Through the classes I have taken at Touro college and my a six-years experience in the classroom, I have developed a personal teaching philosophy that will be applied into my future classrooms. I find my task as a teacher to promote students positive learning, to spark their interest for learning, and to provide strong foundations for their lifelong learning. One of my goals is creating a real word connections in my classroom so students would believe that they will be able to apply what they learn in their future. To achieve this goal, the I explain my students what they are going to learn for each lesson and how it would help in their future. One of the way to create real word connections is to utilize technology that raise students interest, connects to their everyday lives, and prepares them for the fast changing world. I strongly believe that learning involves deep comprehension that can come when my students are able to actively apply their knowledge in a creative and meaningful way. I believe students are best learn when they are actively engaged in the process of gaining new knowledge . Even sometimes teachers are inspiring their students to learn, but students do not feel engaged. To engage my students, I use active and cooperative learning strategies, and I am trying to use assignments that promote my students analytical thinking and opportunities for creativity. I noticed that each class a had provided new challenges and…

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