My Experience At Volleyball Practice Essay

1517 Words Nov 12th, 2015 7 Pages
I was at volleyball practice during the time; we had just finished running and were at the water fountain. I had noticed a man staring at us as we began our water break but didn’t think anything of it until he followed us back into the gym and spoke to my coach. He had seen the bruises on my back when my shirt lifted slightly as I bent down to grab my water. I had no idea at the time that the white haired janitor would be my guardian angel. He asked my coach to speak with me privately, but didn’t tell him what he had seen. My coach reluctantly allowed me to speak to him. As I approached the man I felt fearful- unsure what he wanted and who he was. I sat down next to him on the bleachers my skin crawling with anticipation. We introduced ourselves and began small talk, he asked about school, friends, and my family, I was still trying to figure out the purpose of him wanting to speak to me when he asked me about my boyfriend. It took me off guard but the subject of Joe was always something easy for me to talk about, I ranted on about Joe for about five minutes then sat in silence waiting for the man to say something. Finally he spoke to me in a soft loving tone, “You seem to be happy, but how can you be happy when your back is covered in bruises? Doesn’t it hurt to sleep?” I looked at him staring into his brown eyes, I had nothing to say. No words can describe the feelings that came over me it was like I was paralyzed. A few seconds later I burst into tears and he escorted…

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