Essay on My Experience With A Teacher

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Through time and experience, I have learned that behind every great school there is a great staff. A staff that consists of teachers, who not only take a hand but who also open a mind and who touch a heart. Teachers who realize that teaching is an experience filled with guiding, enlightening, empowering, inspiring, and leading with a positive outlook. Therefore, as a future teacher, these qualities have inspired me to become a teacher who wants to gain a special place in my students’ hearts for a lifetime. A teacher who will empathize with my students, respect them, and believe that there is something special that can be built upon. Furthermore, as a future teacher, actively engaging my students and meeting their specific needs are goals in which are successful for opening a mind and landing a special place in a student’s heart. Standard 5: Instruction and Learner Engagement, Element 3: The teacher candidate plans and implements instruction that allows learners to reflect on prior content knowledge, link new concepts to familiar concepts and experiences, and use academic language to express content understanding. I connected this specific element and/or standard to my SOCL 201 experience. During this experience, I learned the true meaning of instruction and learner engagement. Throughout this class, my professor actively engaged all the students whether it was through presentations, papers and/or other assignments. For example, while writing papers he allowed us to connect…

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