My Experience With My Career Essay

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Caleb and Katie,

This year has gotten off to a wonderful start. The last three weeks have already exceeded my expectations of graduate school. From what I’ve seen of both HGSE and CCSC, I know that the next year will allow me to graduate feeling prepared and motivated to embark on this new path of that I have chosen for myself.

As you know, I spent the last three years in southern Japan teaching English. I generally view this as a positive experience, but I must admit that I’ve developed insecurities about my competencies as an educator; I can’t exchange stories about TFA training, I’ve never structured my lessons around test scores and other data, and I’ve never dealt with angry parents. I didn’t even know what PD or IEP meant before I started this program because I have a vastly different teaching background. I’m not completely certain where I got the idea, but somehow not having US teaching experience has led me to feel less competent than my peers. This year I am working hard to overcome my insecurities, see my own unique experience as an asset, and grasp an understanding of my competencies.

Throughout the last three years, I experienced things that I might not have otherwise been able to in the US. In Japan I constantly grappled with teaching under a system that discouraged creativity in favor of uniformity. During my last year, I worked with a small team to plan a prefecture-wide skill development conference for 170+ ESL teachers. I took it into my own hands to…

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