Essay My First Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

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My first Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) was at Walmart Pharmacy, in Quincy, Florida, under the directorship of Dr. Sharonda McNeil, Pharmacy Manager and Dr. Amr Asker, Staff Pharmacist. I did my rotation at this location for a total of three Thursdays I’ve been working in retail for almost three years so I am pretty familiar with how things flow. I just mainly needed to learn the process of filling that Walmart Pharmacy follows.
Walmart Pharmacy is an organization who 's building blocks of success are Affordability and Accessibility. For over 30 years, these are the two things that they have taken pride in. Offering lower prescription costs, counseling patients and offering immunizations are the ways in which this pharmacy chain makes a difference in the community. Therefore, Walmart Pharmacy has been recognized as a #1 retailer according to Fortune Magazine. They also pride themselves on the flexibility of their hours. As an employee, one is able to choose how much they would like to work and earn. Walmart Pharmacy is also leading in the industry by offering full-time benefits after only 24 hours per week (in qualifying states).
Based on my observations, I noticed that the Walmart at this location serve a wide variety of clients. They have a very diverse community. I did not see more of one age group or ethnicity than to I also noticed that the staff is very close-knit with their customers. For the most part, they know the majority of the patients that…

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