My General Teaching Practices And Extensive Experience Essay

912 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
• Through my general teaching practices and extensive experience I have developed excellent interpersonal skills which enables me to established valued and productive relationships with the parents and guardians of all my students. I partake in regular formal and informal contacts to discuss students’ academic and emotional development.
• I established systems at Tannum State High School to foster communication with parents through digital technologies where parents (and students) are able to view unit plans and assessment requirements. I also implemented parental access to eLearn (BlackBoard) learning management system so parents are able to access course resources, blogs and journals as well as all of the other features of this system. This required obtaining special approval through the department head office.
• I instigated subject selection processes where both parents and students are actively involved in course selection through access to a range of staff. Structured student pathways are established focussing on the student’s aspirations but also their strengths and weaknesses which has resulted in improved course retention rates and better outcomes for students.
• As a Head of Year I have organised many parents/student information sessions to strengthen relationships with all staff and to offer transparency to parents in regards to school policies, procedures and curriculum requirements.
• As a village teacher at Faith Lutheran School I forged many strong…

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