My New Philosophy Of Teaching Essay

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The philosophy that I have chosen is the progressivism philosophy. This my emerging philosophy of teaching because progressivism is what I can use to teach my music students in the best way possible. Progressivism coincides with how a music teacher’s thinking should be and how it effectively teaches music to students. Progressivism will be the best philosophy to use in the music classroom and focuses on the skills that students need to learn when learning music. With the progressivism philosophy, students will learn by actively participating in it and by doing things that they are learning about (Webb, Metha, Jordan, 2013, p.80). Students will also learn by doing group work and working with other students that are in the classroom (Webb, Metha, Jordan, 2013, p. 81). Students are taught to experience that by doing, participating, and digging deep into the subjects they are learning. For example, in music class, they will learn different facts about guitars, see in their hand the parts of a guitar, and get to experience the strings and the notes on the guitar. My beliefs regarding students are basically that they are explorers, waiting to discover and learn about new ideas, new facts, and discover their own opinions as well. I will want it to be a more democratic classroom, where they have a chance to speak up and share their opinion with the class and with me. Like explained earlier, progressivism is where students are learning when they actually do the things they are…

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