Nursing Is An Simple And Delicate Balance Of Teaching Essay

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If someone had asked me three years ago about what nursing consists of I would have starred with a blank face and answered, “Nursing is about medications and charting.” I would answer that question now with nursing is an intricate and delicate balance of teaching, saving, enriching, and empowering people to live healthier and better lives. There are so many fields of nursing that have dedicated educators for each, which is nearly impossible for one person to have knowledge of them all. The education is endless and limitless, and the main concentration is our fellow man. Nurses make up a large work force that has made a tremendous impact in our United States society. It is held in high esteem whereas historically known for casting alcoholics, prostitutes and drug addicts to care for the sick as punishment or crimes committed. Today, we have Doctors of Nursing practice, men and women that have specialty credentials that continue to use education to better serve the community and the world.
What is Nursing
Nursing is an art. Trying to define nursing is an age old dilemma; traditionally, nursing has been defined as a verb meaning ‘to do’ (Barrett, 2002, p. 51). Nurses go and do. My own definition is using scientific knowledge, problem solving, compassion, and a balance of spirituality. Nursing is care for the whole person, and seeing someone through spectacles or glasses. The spiritual, physical, emotional, cultural, and social aspects of life, the SPECS, make up a person and…

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