Online Shopping Essay

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How has the organisation enticed consumers to purchase products from their shopping site?
Marketing in general terms relates to what an organisation must do in order to create and exchange value with its customers (Silk 2006). In this sense, it means that marketing has a major role in the setting of a company’s strategic direction. is one of the worlds largest online shopping websites. Initially beginning as an online bookstore it now offers the world one of the fastest and easiest ways of shopping on the internet. With the growing success of the online bookstore, has diversified into a wide range of product lines and services which consist of general merchandise, groceries, electronic products and much more.
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This system is based on the idea of “linking’ and “data mining”. is creating a whole different experience for their customers compared to other online retail shopping sites as they only show the same or even similar home page to all their customers who visit their site. Jeff Bezos (2002) states that “technological advances have enabled customers to find products and also enabled products to find customers”.

Despite its massive growth over the recent years, the company has managed to remain its complete focus on us, the consumers. You notice the dependence on consumers is important to this online shopping site as after you buy a product, they give us the consumers a few days to use their product and get used to it. After these couple of days, they send us out an email asking us to rate how we like it or in some instances, we don’t like it. This idea links back to the idea of providing its customers with predictive suggestions on what to buy next. Amazon has created a great ability for itself where it enables its customers like myself to quickly access their hearts desires and obtain it without any hassle.

CEO, Jeff Bezos, has built and empire by providing its consumers with a range of products, becoming a one-stop-shop for most people’s entertainment needs. Instead of providing advertising nausea for its potential consumers, Jeff Bezos’s main focus was placed towards

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