Pedagogy, Teaching and Learning Strategies Essay

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Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning Strategies
During my PGCE placements I felt I have used a wide variety of assessment, teaching and learning strategies. I feel that this is absolutely necessary in terms of providing the best possible service to the pupils. To be repetitive, predictable and non-contemporary with such strategies is to compromise the effectiveness of your teaching and limit the chance of achieving your Learning Objectives.
It is crucial at the outset to understand that the pupils under your tutelage will not learn at the same pace continually. Similarly, they will not understand or grasp concepts uniformly. Therefore, it is important to tailor your methods to best support each child as individually as possible.
During my
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This may then lead to pupils crafting the terms of the challenge themselves (With the guiding hand of the teacher to 'steer' them). In addition to engaging their interest, using materials of their own choice opened the door for the pupils to consider alternative approaches and answers as they sought to understand and appreciate the work of their cohort.
Don't believe everything you see in the press...

...sometimes, though, they do tell you the truth!
The Next Step
Was to create an awareness of the actual learning journey itself. I felt it had become too restrictive in terms of what the range of outcomes must be and the path the pupils had to take in order to reach the final goal. Therefore, we collectively designed a learning continuum whereby each smaller step of the path was 'chunked up'.
The value of this was to move the pupils along in increments that were individually right for them and their level of understanding. Each pupil would therefore have an awareness of the task (e.g. what most contributed to success of the Norman invasion? or Explain the narrative, meaning and language in Keats' 'Eve of St Agnes') but would not be stuck with a daunting slab of work to be ploughed through in order to reach a final goal that may at this early stage, seem wearily far away.
So, following a collaborative discussion of what would make a successful

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