Essay on Personal Statement : My Cousin

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In my interview the subject I chose was my cousin, whose name shall remain anonymous. The subject, a 12 year old girl, currently attends a public junior high school and is in the seventh grade. It should also be noted that this is the subjects first year in junior high school. She does not suffer from personal issues that may produce bias and retains good grades. She also does not regard herself as part of “the popular crowd.”
The interview with the subject lasted approximately 30 minutes, and all five questions were answered. For the first question, the subject reported that they had 10 friends in their group, and have known most since a young age. She does have friends who she does not like, but still the group gets along. Everyone is included in their group she had said, with no one being overtly rejected. She did mention that she has one other friend who she has had disagreements with, for various reasons. This particular friend was accepted into their group because they are not accepted anywhere else. Because of this, she considers themselves as accepting in their first year +of junior high.
Afterwards, she defined friendship as a “group of people that support each other and accept each other.” She believes this is demonstrated within her friend group. When asked about how many “true friends” she has, she responded with about 6 or 7 friends, mostly known from before junior high school. Since she has had issues with others in her friend group, she does not consider…

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