Personal Statement On The Teaching Profession Essay

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The teaching profession, just like any other profession, has many disadvantages and fears that comes with the job. Parents are people who will do anything for their child even if it means yelling at the teacher to give the student the full extra credit points. Some students are physically much larger than me, which can be very intimidating. I do have a concern as to whether I will be able to control my class due to my physical appearance. I have a fear of disappointing people, which means I’m not sure if I will be able to provide the necessary material and knowledge to each of my students in the given time frame. After dealing will parents, students, and my fears I will only have a pay check that will not reflect all of the hours I put in outside of school. The teaching profession will involve parent and student conflicts, the possibility of having no control the fear of disappointment, and a small pay check after all of the time and energy invested. As someone who wants to have kids one day, I understand that parents will do anything for their pride and joys. Teachers will have conflicts throughout their career with parents. Parents will show anger through emails, over the phone, and in person confrontations over their child’s grade in a course. Or they will engage in a screaming match with the teacher over their child’s extra credit points. Personally, I do my best to avoid all conflict in every aspect of my life. I do realize that all teachers will have to confront…

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