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I want to teach my puppy King to rollover. The target behavior is to get King to rollover. I will try to make King sit and then lay down to my command, use a firm voice, different to my playful voice, and give King a small treat or bit of dog food. Once I have mastered the sit and lay commands, I can then move on to roll ever. I will give King a reward for merely lying on the floor. Then I only give him a reward when he lies on the floor on his belly and then rolls to his side. Then I reward him only when he lies on the floor on his stomach, then rolls to his back( Adams, 2015). In shaping, teaching King one step at a time. I reward for it for doing a series of actions and keep adding more steps as I the trainer learn them. Once King is laying down, say roll over in my authoritative voice and gently push them to one side. Once King submit on his back, I can pet him and give him the treat. I will try this about twice a day for ten minutes at a time therefore the puppy will get regular practice and learn a routine.
Teaching King
As for learning to roll over, puppies are very adapt to learning new skills, especially when animals are young. All the puppies and dogs want to please their caregivers therefore they will usually learn most techniques after a while if taught to them correctly(Adams, 2015). If King does the task well and correctly at my command, eventually King will link the rule with a treat and do it for me on command first time. If I want to continue giving him…

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