Personal Statement : ' The Night Before Halloween ' Essay

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For my field research paper, I reached out to a friend of mine who was arrested for his deviant behavior, and I interviewed him about why he did it and what was the result of his actions. My friend, Nico, is from the same hometown as me and we became friends in high school. He was a relatively quiet kid and stayed out of trouble all throughout high school. It was not until he went away to college that he found himself in trouble with deviance. He was not the typical case of a kid who goes away and cannot handle all of the freedom and responsibility that is presented with college. He was on the football team at college, so he did not go out much, and spent most of his weekend nights in his dorm room playing video games. After about two months of this lifestyle, he got bored of it, and one of his teammates asked him to join several friends as they went out on “gate night”. This is the night before Halloween, where some kids will go out and throw toilet paper and eggs at houses, as well as vandalizing others people’s property. This was where my friend Nico fell into his deviant behavior and what I will be analyzing. Nico is the oldest child in his family, so he did not have an older brother or sister from whom he could learn how to behave in college with all of that freedom. He was unable to find the balance between doing nothing on the weekends, and being deviant and committing crimes. His behavior in college was learned from the people around him, his roommate…

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