Essay about Phenomenological Project

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henoA phenomenological study of individuals experience positively long term friendship
How do individuals experience positively long term friendship? The aim of this study is to show what long term friendship means to people and how important the long term friendship is. The study reports data from semi-structure interviews with two female participants, which was analysed using interpretive phenomenological psychologist method. This project examines how long term friendship is experienced and what are the individual’s expectations from long term friendship. First the analysis demonstrates the expectation of a long-term friendship this include sharing, trusting each other, honesty and communication with friends. Then it looked
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The provision of companionship and a confidant were the most benefit of close friends. (Robert 1985). This article will be used to see whether participants who has close friendship shows a greater amount of benefit accruing from their friendship and whether this is increasing as their friendship develops. This study is going to investigate experiences of individuals in long-term friendship. It will focus on what individual feels about friendship, what elements are necessary for a successful friendship, whether friendship is important for the participant, if so why they are important and what are their expectation from their long-term friends for their friendship to survive longer., two separate participants will be interviewed this will allow the researcher to explore how participants makes sense of their world and meaning they attribute to personal experiences. This study is expected to show that participants would believe long-term friendship is important for them and that they will share, love, trust, believe their long-term friends more. This study will be carried out using phenomenological perspective phenomenological perspective is a term used in philosophy to denote enquiry into one’s conscious and particularly intellectual processes. There are two distinct groups of phenomenological psychologist which are descriptive and interpretive. Phenomenology uses the concept of bracketing to maintain

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