Racism Is The Product Of Teaching And Observation Essay

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Alex Haley, the historical fiction author of Roots, once said “Racism is taught in our society, it is not automatic. It is learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics” (Brainy Quote). This quote states that racism is taught and observed through society and important individuals. An individual learns then mimics these typical actions because it is a dissimilar physical characteristic. When a child is born it doesn’t talk or act, whatever the child see or hears it does because it is trying to learn and do what the adult is doing. Nevertheless, when a child grows up to be an adult, they are able to make their own choice on what is morally permissible and morally impermissible. No one is born racist; they just copy what they see and hear. In the novel Elizabeth and Hazel, David Margolick conveys how racism is the product of teaching and observation. It is often suggested that racism is the product of teaching/observation/ and or personal experience. In other words, racist individuals become so as a result of the homes and communities in which they are raised. It has also been suggested that these attitudes, once embedded in the individual, are difficult, if not impossible, to change. Please explore these issues in the larger context of the experiences of both Elizabeth and Hazel, considering their initial and historic meeting as young girls on their way to school, and their relationship as it developed over the years. It is often suggested that…

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