Relational Practice And The Nurse Essay

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In most careers today working with colleagues as well as numerous others is a very popular scene. A career where working with colleagues and patients is a very important thing is nursing. It is a career that has large importance with dealing with others but most importantly the people in need. In order to work efficiently and effectively with others, nurses must be able to use relational practice skills in order to make it real for the patient and not just an act the nurse is portraying. Relational practice is a large component of nursing and is central to this career due to its importance in nurse to patient, nurse to nurse, and nurse to self relations.
Firstly, relational practice is central to nursing due to its importance in nurse to patient relations. Its importance is key because “the ability of an experienced nurse to physically and psychologically “be with” a client, while simultaneously completing necessary tasks, is the hallmark of expert nurse practice”(McMahon & Christopher, 2011, p. 75). Furthermore, the quote explains that being in the moment with the client and truly understanding there values and emotions is a great nursing practice and needs to be done effectively by all nurses. Truly being there for a patient with both your mind and body helps the patient feel wanted and can help them with coping about certain activities that may be present in their lives. Relational practice is important when dealing with nurse to patient relations because this allows…

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