Religion Is A Form Of Practices And Beliefs Essay

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Religion has played an important role in most people’s lives in modern society but it is also the cause of many major conflicts. Religion has given people a reason to live and understand the world and is a major important thing throughout history. Billions of people believe in a religion and there are billions that do not. Religion is a form of practices and beliefs in a supernatural power (Mann & Blunden, 2010). Most people believe that it does not have an important role to play in modern society. Some examples are that religious teachings are not a real reflection of the positions woman and the gay communities hold in society and religion initially provided answers to many questions but science has proven scientific answers on how to resolve problems without the need of praying to a supernatural power. Despite this a number of people who identify as being religious indicate that it still is relevant to many people however there is an increase in number of people who respond to the Australian Bureau of Statistics saying that they have ‘no religion’.

Some religious teachings do not reflect real society in the 21st century. This is particularly true in relation to the role of women and does not take into account the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community. Religion does not accurately reflect the role that women play in society today. It also does not recognize the LGBT community, which is increasingly a part of our society. It is known that men dominate and have…

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