Religious Teachings As A Moral Guide Essay examples

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To start, this dilemma of looking to religious teachings as a moral guide is important because many people look to a god to guide them morally, while others do not believe in any god. However, religion is still a large part of philosophy. The strongest argument in favor of this view is, as stated by Shafer-Landau, the Divine Command Theory, which holds that “acts are right just because God commands them” (Shafer-Landau 2). In standard form, the argument would look like this:
P1: Acts commanded by God are morally right, and those not commanded are morally wrong.
P2: God’s commands are in the Bible and other religious texts/teachings.
C: Therefore, religious teachings are an infallible guide to how to act morally.
God is the entity that created morals, or is the one who interprets them, so He would know what truly is right or wrong. In the aspect of looking at religious teachings, the Bible is meant to be the written word and will of God, which means that his views on homosexuality would be present within the book. As God is a divine entity and has direct contact with morality, he would be seen as an infallible source in determining whether or not the statement “homosexuality is wrong” is true or false. The strongest argument against this point of view is the fact that there are many religions in the world that do not all believe in the same God, and even those who do not believe in God at all. In standard form, the argument would look like this:
P1: There are many religions,…

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