Shopping At The Independence Center Essay

1034 Words Feb 11th, 2016 null Page
Malls are purposely setup to encourage consumers to buy more than they originally planned. This past weekend, I visited the Independence Center. It is definitely the biggest shopping place in Independence. At Independence Center they make all their stores very accessible. They are many entrances, such as through Macy’s, Dillard 's, Sears, and through the front entrance. The stores are also very publicized. I parked outside of the entrance to Macy’s. You walk into the purse section. My mind was flooded with brands like Michael Kors, Coach, etc. They had tons of signs advertising sales and different deals. As I managed to walk past without buying anything, I passed the shoes. I scanned the section, but didn’t risk getting too close to see anything I “needed”. I then walked by the perfume, and saw the samples. With the big red sticker on the samples, they were hard to miss. I dabbed a bit of the Chanel perfume on my wrist, and walked out of the store. As I made my lap around the mall, I was sought out by several workers at the kiosks. One wanted to straighten my hair and the other wanted me to sample his aroma therapy products. I politely rejected, and continued on my way. Almost every store I passed, had a foldable sign outside of the store displaying their latest sale. Outside of Hollister, they even had mannequins modeling their new outfit arrivals. As I walked by Teavana, a worker asked if I would like a sample of their latest flavor of tea. I never realized how many of…

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