Shopping Experience At Kmart Home Essay

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We have all experienced our fair share of pleasant and unpleasant shopping experiences. Most of these memories from these experiences fade over time. However, some of these experiences are so phenomenal or extraordinary they have a lasting impression on us. On the other hand some of them are so unpleasant or foul that they leave us with a bad image of a once favorite store. I can recall one shopping experience that was horrendous. It happened while I was shopping for a crib at Kmart. In the paragraphs to come I will explain what caused this shopping experience to end so badly. Second, I will explain how the store could have improved this situation and made it a better shopping experience for me. The second shopping experience that I can recall was absolutely amazing. It happened while I was shopping at Sam’s Club for grocery’s and supplies for a party. Two years ago I was around 8 months pregnant looking for a crib for my daughter. I decided to go to Kmart to look at their selection. When I arrived at Kmart, I headed straight to the infants section. On display was this beautiful dark cherry wood crib with a changer attached. I knew this was the crib I had wanted to buy; it would look wonderful with the rest of the furniture in my daughters’ room. Unfortunately, there were no more cribs on the counter. After looking for fifteen minutes, I was able to locate an employee. This employee was standing by the fitting room, behind a fixture of clothing on her cell phone. She…

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