Social Constructivism And Teaching And Learning Essay example

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This weeks readings examined the role of social constructivism in education as a pedagogy and practice rather than simply as an educational philosophy. Beck and Kosnik’s (2007) article focuses on the role of social constructivism in preservice education and provide examples of this pedagogy put into practie. Both Elkind (2004) and Carson (2005) discuss preservice education as well as the implications of educators using a constructivist approach to teaching and learning. Elkin’s (2004) article focuses on the conditions that are required to allow for social constructivism to take place in teaching. On the other hand, Carson’s (2005) article rejects the proposition of using constructivism in teaching and learning, and instead argues for an objectivist approach to education.

Article 1: Kosnik C. and Beck C. (2007). Toward Social Constructivism in Preservice Education.

Kosnik and Beck’s (2007) article focuses on how social constructivism can provide a positive direction for preservice education. They begin their article by brining attention to the ambiguity of the term itself. As the article states, “constructivist teaching is not a monolithic, agreed-upon concept” (Kosnik C & Beck C., 2007 pg. 3). The various definitions of social constructivism put this pedagogy under a negative connotation. In clarifying the concept, the authors define social constructivism as “an approach that encourages all members of a learning community to present their ideas strongly, while remaining…

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