Spring Reflection On Pastoral Year Experience Essay

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Spring Reflection on Pastoral Year Experience
Pastoral Reflection: The last 6 months of Pastoral Year has been a great blessing. The people in the Parish received me with such love and care. It will certainly be hard to step away in 3 months time when the Pastoral Year ends. During this Pastoral Year, I have gotten to really know a lot of people in the Parish, some closer than others. A couple that I got to know real well is the Bernard and Rosemarie Scheiff. They treat me like their own son. They would sit in front of the Rectory to deliver me food. They offered to help with decorating the Rectory for Christmas and special occasions. During Sister Mary’s visit, they cooked a nice dinner for us. They were a couple that really lived the Gospel, generous of heart and caring of others. On March 5th, I had to say goodbye to this great friend, Bernard Scheiff, who I gotten to really know and love. I was devastated by this loss; I had just seen him a few days before and he seems okay at that time. On the day of his death, I made an effort to go see him, but by the time Bishop Daly and I reached the hospital, Bernard’s body was already in a bag. I was shocked, how can this happen? The next few days, all I was able to do was to comfort Rosemarie. I spent a lot of time with her and shared with her the great memories about Bernard. We laugh and cried together. I helped Rosemarie with the funeral arrangements. She insists that I take an active role in the funeral because Bernard would…

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