Teaching And Learning Has Changed The Learning Experience Dramatically

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section{Introduction} It has been shown that the use of computer in teaching and learning has changed the learning experience dramatically. With the evolution of the educational technology, computer-assisted teaching has huge impact on the learning style and the role of teacher and students. More researchers arm to construct a system which can provide education with higher quality. As a result of applying the principle of artificial intelligence(AI), intelligent tutoring system(ITS) has appeared. The development of ITS is still an ongoing project. Although ITS seems to be a promising approaches on providing an learner-centered learning environment, the issue are that the motivation and engagement of student. This is where game-based learning come to play a role. Herein, a concept of game-based intelligent tutor is proposed which arms to improve the traditional ITS. subsection{Intelligent tutoring system}
Intelligent tutor system is an AI agent which can teach student with instant feedback. It provides an interactive learning environment which arm to provide a customized learning experience and motivate learners to further learning and achievement. It has been widely used in many different field, including algebra, physics, and computer science. There are four basic components of ITS, including the student knowledge, domain knowledge, tutoring knowledge, and communication knowledge. Student knowledge is also known as student model. It is a database used to diagnose…

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