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There is widespread recognition in the literature of the pedagogical issues involved in teaching academic writing in the ESL context, and the challenges it poses for the majority of NNSE learners. There are a wide range of different approaches to teaching academic writing, and different methodologies to suit diverse groups of learners. Older approaches are not necessarily replaced with the emergence of new approaches (Paltridge, 2004: 49). This section provides an overview of the most popular approaches that have been widely practiced from 1940 to the present day.

2.1.1. Teaching approaches from 1940 to 1960

During the period from 1940 to 1960, the guided composition concept was the cornerstone of writing pedagogy (Paltridge, 2004). In this approach, fixed patterns for writing were taught to ESL learners. Students manipulated these patterns and added their own meanings within the sentences. While learners had some freedom as they formed sentence structures, the fixed writing patterns remained in controlling content. Bracy (1971) argued that ESL students were likely to commit fewer mistakes in the direct writing approach. Scholars’ voices were divided, with some in agreement and other in disagreement with this approach.

This approach has been strongly supported by Slager (Kaplan ed. 1966). He asserted that the process of learning writing must be controlled. This assertion was justified by the fact that writing occurs beyond the level of sentence. In contrast, Dressel,…

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