Teaching, Classroom Management And Assessment Essay

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While taking Foundations of Education 1501, each student had to do fifteen hours of tutoring to help make a decision if teaching is what really what they desire to do for a career. During tutoring, I loved it and was very sad when it was over. When I started, I wanted to be a high school math teacher but since I was placed in a fourth grade class and loved it so much I am contemplating changing my major to middle school education. From being in Foundations of Education 1501 and my tutoring experience, I learned that to be a teacher I need to know and develop skills in three main areas, instruction in the classroom with teaching, classroom management and assessment. While I have strengths and weaknesses in these areas, I know with experience I will be confident in all three. Instructional approaches are most important in a classroom because that is how teachers can get the students to learn what they need to by using a way they understand and want to learn the material. According to “The Future of Children, Princeton - Brookings: Providing Research and Analysis to Promote Effective Policies and Programs for Children.", teaching methods comprises the principles and methods used for instruction. Commonly used teaching instructions may include class participation, group leaning, demonstration, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these. The main point is to help students learn more and achieve deeper understanding of the curriculum content. In understanding to the…

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