Teaching Concepts And Concepts Of An Interactive Activity Essay

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The first and second section of this redesign will improve communication in this text because people “need effective, interactive experiences that motivate and actively engage [them] in the learning process” (Trybus). The card game champions this by actively engaging each viewer and increasing their interest in learning and understanding what happened to each individual and why. The user retains the information because they’re not just simply asked to memorize information, but to understand and apply it when completing the activity. “In contrast, traditional, passive training approaches drill us on certain narrow procedures, and then evaluate us on our memory of what we were told,” rather than teaching concepts and ideas that remain with us long after the activity like the proposed card game does above (Trybus). Another incredibly beneficial part of an interactive activity is that it shifts the balance of power toward the learner, which gives them the opportunity to practice mastering the material at their own pace (Bart). The card game allows the participant to have full power over the activity and take as much time and as many attempts as they need to complete the activity. In doing so, the user is not pressured for time or getting the correct answer, but only to focus on the task at hand and retain the information provided to the best of their ability. Section three improves the communication in this text by utilizing visual thinking, “a learning style where the learner…

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