Teaching English Lessons At A Primary Level Essay

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Talk is used in a variety of ways in English lessons at a primary level. Dialogue and discussion is vital in a classroom during this subject in order for children to prepare their ideas before they write. As a teacher you should ‘…help children to grow in confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills’ (Scholastic, 2013). When teaching English, I found children would struggle using their imaginations when they were constrained to a certain topic, in this case, writing a story about a graveyard scene. I therefore used discussion to stimulate their ideas. The children were shown the ending of a film – using this, as a class we discussed the setting, the characters and the sounds we could hear. This engaged the children and began to bring the story to life. The children then broke off into pairs before entering into a larger group discussion of how the story could start and develop. ‘Using paired talk as a strategy offers children thinking time to formulate meaningful answers’ (Goodwin, 2010). By giving the children chance to discuss what they saw, it meant they had time to rationalize their thoughts and understanding. Working in groups then allowed them to interact with their own and other ideas to create a story. Despite this, it is not possible to ensure all children stay on task when there are many discussions going on in the room. This type of off task talk would be of no educational benefit.

Guided reading sessions I have taught and observed have had…

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