Teaching Games For Understanding Model Essay

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Teaching games for understanding model (TGFU) is a great way for students to play games and activities in a learning matter. There are many factors that TGFU shows students when playing sports, such as good sportsmanship and encouraging athletes to enjoy their sport. When an athlete is enjoying the sport or activity they are involved in they are more likely to do well and inspire others to play as well too. Created by Bunker and Thorpe at Louborough University in Europe, these two professionals discovered this model by playing activities. From this point on TGFU was broken down into six basic concepts, incorporated this model in all different types of games and wanted to make sure that the student used these skills in activities and sports. This model provides the skills and knowledge for students to do better overcoming obstacles and game situations, but it is up to the learner to manipulate it in the game. Teaching games for understanding model can be used at all ages. It shows you the proper skills students need and how to have more fun in a game by using good sportsmanship.
In order to be successful in sports you need to know what the fundamentals are. Therefore teaching games for understanding model is a great way to show basic concepts and fundamentals of a sport. In fact, there are six basic concepts to TGFU: Game form, Decision making, Game appreciation, Skill execution, Tactical awareness and performance. These six concepts play a huge roll in TGFU. Game form shows…

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